Hello World….
    Last weekend I went to the beach on the western coast…. Surrounded with a fabulous fauna and flora scenery, it’s always a pleasure to drive along this magnificent coast ….


    But this time the journey was more colorful…more lovely...more spectacular & enjoyable …


    Like every December the Flamboyant trees grace nature with their annual presence…


    True to their name…their fiery colors add a blazing touch to the Mauritian landscape… Like the vibrant summer of the island….the Flamboyant add the fierce aura and color to the surrounding adding an exotics and tropical touch


    Carrier of beauty and of good news … the flowering of the Flamboyant flag the approaching Xmas and New Year… marking the beginning of a new chapter in life….


    Full of symbolism the Flamboyant trees paint a magical atmosphere of gaiety, love and sharing of the festive season …

    Invitation to welcome the New Year with joy and color as their fiery color….

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The Ballad of Freedom

    Hello World!!!

    Swinging was and is still my favorite childhood game...I always wanted one day to swing across the ocean ...and imagine how it would be...


    earl of azur ocean....soft waves dripping your feet as you swing across them...


    wind in hairs...bumping you for another flight of freedom...


    tilting your head back...and the splashing vision of the endless blue sky and fields of playful clouds playing with the sun ....


    every swing ...bringing a moment of joy


    a glimpse of the lost child in you....


    a call for joy, freedom & thrill of living...


    for another ballad of freedom....

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The Ballad of Freedom

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