When warning rings at your doorbell

    Hello World!


    Since last week. A wave (or tsunami) of


    demotivation, laziness and stress swept me away and am still dwelling in it trying to surface out of this wave...


    But today think I dive back again it this abyss

    floating girl

    Today all my classmates got a nice dissertation notice by email that remind us of many things that can’t deny are really important and that ring your alarm bells in you ...


    Maybe it was meant to wake us from our lazy sleepy bubble with a big bucket of cold water


    And it really worked as today am more stressed, over worried....


    Hopefully my muse will come back as am in big need of inspiration as am having blank mind and can’t even concentrate to write a few words...


    I really hope you are in a better mood than me


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When warning rings at your doorbell

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