The Art of Village Life

    Today I went to my uncle place... he happens to live on one of the villages found on the western coast...
    Don’t know about but think in Mauritius, we no more have the once folkloric pittoresque villages...the villages are long gone and small miniature towns are making with their entry ….
    But today was the perfect time to relax a bit and to break away from home and dissert...the sun was not that harsh (kinda gloomy weather) accompanied with sea breeze and the best part: peace and no continuous cars horning but just nature and a relative calmness....
    I always love travelling on the western coast...not only for the beautiful villas or bungalows at Tamarin or Riviere Noire but love watching the mountains, sugarcane fields and the panoramic view that the sea offers (perfect still picture or image with boats far away in the background) just wish at such time that you were in those boats sailing away...
    And on such trip, my dad and uncle and cousins would be narrating their stories when they were young and how naughty and mischievous they were and how life was in Mauritius at such time...
    Well really love those flashback learn so many things about our folklore culture, lifestyle and stories...
    There would be also some anecdotes ...for e.g. about the family bring and share and which my cousin refers as eat and run whenever he would be going to his in-laws he would be going empty hand and then eat very rapidly and also dash rapidly... or eat and sleep ....really got a mega LOL when he told us that....
    Things I love in the Western villages:
    • A complete different mood and atmosphere from Quatre Bornes...
    • Just love the peaceful silence and nature (even the sun and heat kinda terrible without forgetting our friend mosquito)
    • Just love the coastal area esp the sea (haven’t forget about the tsunami threat)
    • You can some cycling without looking bizarre
    • Your relatives you once saw in a while are always welcoming...always giving you gifts asking you to come again and over again...warm and nice hospitality
    • People greet each other more warmly and everyone know each other
    So that was my day in a village on the Western coast.....
    Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
    Dalai Lama

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The Art of Village Life

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