Hello World!
    Today i was watching a documentary on TV on St Batherlemy or St. Barts (island found near the Caribbean....)

    Royalty Free

    entitled La Belle et L'Avion (the beauty and the airplane)....

    From the start to the end of the documentary, I just wish I was somewhere else…someone else… living something else

    Life appears so idyllic and livable...

    Despite living on an island (rather a concrete island I would say)I found myself yearning everyday of a new life......

    a place where nature (fauna and flore) is still being respected and honored and graced...


    not a place where every inch of soil is being toiled with concrete  and overpowered with greed for money and  outrun with consumerism ....


    a place where one doesn't have to be ashamed of the color of one’s skin, ethnical background or social background

    Mars Hill Church Seattle - respect

    a place where we don't have to fear of walking in the street or stepping out without any attack, theft, violence or abuse...


    a place where your silence is not your weakness...


    a place where I can find happiness...


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