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    During these days, the weather in Mauritius was morose, cloudy with few sun rays succeeding to pave their way out of the mass to pour out some light across the grey sky…the ocean far away in the horizon…still in its pittoresque state was magnificent in its blue grey color with few tanker ships on the way to the harbor completing the picture…
    Traveling back home in the afternoon is always the only rare moment when I can dream and relax…crowd of passengers/strangers crossing your path but bearing the same perplexed look of the tired person…many of them ignoring the art of beauty picture that nature is offering us…
    I then think that life is so strange …. So many lives crossing yours and traveling away in a jolt of moment of the highway of life not knowing what’s waiting ahead…
    Listening to my favorite tracks and gazing at the windows… I always welcome the enchanting image of the sun waving me goodbye while it’s fading away in the vast blue grey ocean… I then wonder how it would have been if I was near the grey ocean in this morose atmosphere ….
    I imagine myself watching the cold ocean with its unstoppable ballet of waves….with echo of the wind playing around ….
    The cold sensation of the wind gust brushing you and transcending your body reaching your soul… this chilly feeling of being cleansed out of all dirt and negativity…
    Lying freely and carelessly across the grass…
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    I would stare at the grey sky with the few sunrays bringing out some warmth to the morose atmosphere….

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