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    Hello World!
    Am doing my last year @uni and as in most programme, you have to do a dissertation/thesis or mémoire... and you know at the very mention of it, it just freaks you out.....you have your dissertation form to submit...
    Well first thing a small recap, like you i didn’t know a thing about dissertation, how to write that, how to get that topic etc etc....if you have a module in your programme called research methods, please try to follow it attentively (not like me who was always day-dreaming in that class)....it will kinda give a glimpse of what will be waiting 4 you.....mind you am not an expert but still wanna share my experience with you...
    Since last year till last month I was still reflecting on my topic, i didn’t know what to do.....I had many ideas but big ques- will I b able to make something out of it......most of my classmates had already their topic (was feeling like a first class dumbo...big panic...why me! why hadn’t still get a topic)
    So guys chill out, and if you have been able to land here and reading my post (know my Google algorithm is so low LOL) hope this will be able to help you....
    first thing – grab a paper and jot down all topics that you had and still like in your programme e.g crisis communication then scan the web and media (esp press) and see what new in this field and what was the recent case study..... crisis communication and suicide at France telecom....now draw out a plan from the introduction to the conclusion...what are your objectives and most important thing what is the hypothesis (I had to refer to 3-4 books to know its meaning I can be a dumbo when i want LOL) ; in a few words, it refers to a myth or assumption or theory that you wanna prove either wrong or right e.g women are coward in nature....for more info try out this link http://www.accessexcellence.org/LC/TL/filson/writhypo.php
    So you already have done the first step LOL....next step talk to one of your professor or lecturer...ask him/her for advice....still high time to change topic.....another important thing try to innovate do something new...try a different angle....a dissertation is your piece of art....cos all merit will b yours...always think about your graduation day....and when you will say: I done it lol
    Now if you don’t like all the blabla above, a quick recap of what waiting for you:
    1) The format of a dissertation :
    Title Page
    Contents Page
    List of Tables, Charts, and Figures
    List of Symbols and Abbreviations
    The Abstract
    The Introduction
    Literature Review
    (more info - http://custom-writing.org/blog/writing-tips/47.html and http://www.geos.ed.ac.uk/geography/undergraduate/ugdissguide05.html and http://www.learnerassociates.net/dissthes/

    If you want to have some ideas about dissertation topics that might interest you try out those few links below:
    * Most important thing - don’t ever commit plagia or ask someone to do your dissertation
    After all this, don’t forget to draw out your action plan and a time table (and adhere to it LOL), the better you are prepared the better you will be….
    As far as I am concerned, finding a topic was kinda hard for me as it was not only a hypothesis to find but also about the literature review….will you have enough data to back you off…think already about that so when in the middle of your work you don’t panic….
    Am still at my intro stage…am asking myself where my muse goes cos am having like a big blank LOL….for your literature review, for those who don’t like to read well better prepared yourself cos u gonna have to read so many things LOL….
    Well well, I will try to give you out some tips as I go along hmmm….hopefully I will be graduated next year LOL….


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Dissertation Experience

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