Help I wanna Take Some Weight

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    I am tired all these fuss about diet and people obsessed with losing weight... You might find me weird but I wanna take some weight....and I am not alone there are so many skinny people like me who wanna have some curves LOL....So I went to surf the web on my search of how to gain some weight and to my surprise even I insert the following key words : want to take some weight I got so many infos on how to burn fats LOL....
    If you are like me, tired people thinking you on a diet and always complaining about your thinness

    Everyone thought I was starving myself to be in line when it's the contrary), try to read the following stuff below ( hope you wont get bored )

    Your first mantra will be to consume more healthy calories everyday and choose the right types of exercises

    What to eat to gain some weight:

    Forget right now about the very idea of over consuming junk food(bad timing).... Healthy fats resides in fatty acids sources like:




    and healthy sources of protein can be found in:

    Lean meats



    Dairy Products esp cheese

    It is also advised to eat 4-6 pieces of fruit per day and at least 4 tall glasses of milk LOL (OMG :-) )

    Another means is to take vitamins or protein pills (this one I don't like very much)

    And finally to some resistive exercises: not aerobic or running this will lead to more weight loss but yoga might be good...

    To recap : The 6 Weight Gain Tips:

    1 - Get Counting
    2 - Get Eating
    3 - Get Weighing
    4 - Cut out the bad food habits
    5 - Get drinking lots of water
    6 - Go to sleep (this one I like the best :-) )

    I know that human beings are never satisfied but still for those who are in search of weight gain, be patient and start gaining weight LOL


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Help I wanna Take Some Weight

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