Attending a hilarious religious ceremony

    Hello World!


    On Friday, my sis, my mum and I went to assist a religious ceremony at my cousin’s place…her dad recently build a new building and as per customs, we always seek the blessing of the Almighty for any new venture…


    Well the priest kinda a funny personage (he always the one who celebrate all religious ceremony for my cousins and her relatives) so know it was going to be somehow fun…

    Arriving there, most people were already there… with the feng shui


    and vastu cocncepts,


    the priest had been spending around 15 minutes to locate the east position where the sun usually rises (after debating with my mum and cousin which direction plane usually appear to land or was souillac (kinda stupid cos we faced west not south) where was Port Louis

    Which_direction Resize

    till someone even suggested we should have brought a compass LOL

    After finally finding the right direction, the ceremony finally began….

    My cousin’s daughter (my morning alarm ) aged 3 years old, started to get bored (you know how kids are can’t sit for many minutes in the same place) began to move around…. running to her mum, coming to sit on us…going to play around….


    So it was kinda hard to concentrate or follow the prayer as our attention was being diverted to her…

    At some point in time, while the priest was reciting some incarnations, she began to dance and sang ‘une sourie verte qui courait dans l’herbe’ and the priest increased his voice tone to cover hers and she too do the same….so began the battle of voice…


    Gosh it was just too funny I began to laugh LOL

    Then the priest just looked at her with growing big eyes and she was silenced (that was the intermission)


    Then she tried to grab grapes that were among the offerings, and when seeing her mum and the others performing the fire ritual, she thought it was a game and instead of throwing in the fire, she was throwing it at the God statue and on people (it was so funny)

    This was my small hilarious prayer ceremony

    Today too I enjoyed a lot, for once wasn’t home in the morning nor in the afternoon had a great time despite the damn heat and blazing sun


    Am also very lazy and slow on revision (if we can call this revision) really don’t have the will or desire to revise and what surprise me:am adopting a cool and am now stuck in the relax mode instead of being stress and worried (that’s sound bad)


    Hope you having a great weekend



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Attending a hilarious religious ceremony

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