December Shopping

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    Yesterday I went to some shopping no need to tell you that everywhere was packed up with people…I really love this period of the year despite its so hectic and where your money just flow and flow and flow away from your bank account and pocket instead of cashing back : p (wonder about the credit crunch crisis aftermath LOL)

    Financial crisis credit crunch global

    We can’t forget the joyous atmosphere screaming everywhere the ringing bell of Xmas with its bright and lively decorations and spectacular sales, events and the end of year party…think December is the party season of the year where everyone seems ready to party and have some fun…

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    Its only the heat and brazing sun which are the killjoy… doing so hot as if there is no air and the crowded shopping centers are like hell as there is lack of air circulation excl the AC in the shops…that remind me of the movie Knowing with the sun chaos


    About dissertation, am still stuck on the survey: (

    • Big disappointment of the month:


    The outcome of the summit of Copenhagen… thought Obama was going to bring some changes but seemed the main concern of some leaders is about to fill the accounts of the State and Industrialists and fuel the economy ..


    Too bad, they are not realizing that If Earth is not a livable environment how come they themselves are gonna live…maybe with the support of money they are going to accumulate…will this same money be able to provide or return us back the soil fertility of the Earth or prevent all those climatic changes…


    Believe it wasn’t up to the leaders to take this decision but all the inhabitants of this planet, there should have been a global vote where all citizens were able for once to exercise the right to decide about the fate of their future….

    Won’t end in such a sad tone :p

    My festive season wish is that everyone has a wonderful Xmas times full of laughter and memorable moments :p



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