My visit to the doctor

    Hello World!
    stress-cartoon Today no uni for me… everyone in my class is at their highest stress peak these days with assignment, work placement report deadline added to that: the exam and dissertation stress
    My previous post reflected the morosity of these days 177905121_bfa04b95ea(know you kinda tired to hear all these complaints and fuss LOL)  Today was a hectic day very speedy (LOL am sure you must be thinking: another depressing post: p)
    Since last month my eyes allergy  got worse when I happen to be in direct contact with cement and dad took an appointment and it was today …
    With l the exam and dissertation frenzy wave, I happen to forget and woke up late and missed the 09.00 appointment… no need to tell about Dad fury when he came to fetch me home
    Arriving there around 10.15, it was already fully packed and have to stand (thought was going to faint at some point in time)….
    It was only at 12.30 that it was finally my turn, when seeing my eyes, the first thing the doctor told me: YOU HAVENT LISTEN TO MY WARNING… innocently I replied I tried but my eyes were just too irritated …so began the reprimanded part blabla I was careless etc (he too have the same eyes allergy )
    daily gag
    DSC01596 So began the eyes test with the scolding again cos wasn’t seeing straight or up or down or the right way in the machine…well believe me it was not cool to be treated like a kid
    The outcomes of this visit to the lovely doctor were
    1. have to change my Spectacle lens (am becoming blind as a bat)banner_style
    2. next warning: hospitalization in clinic with eyes injection (wanna cry hope was just trying to scare me)
    1. get to see him again in 2 years
    after that dad and I rushed to Port Louis and there it was kinda hell as dad was in such a hurry that if  Thomas Beaudoin
    or some Armani models
    were in front of me would not have notice (maybe not :p)
    else :
    • recently I discover the Twitterdom which has now become my main media diet for latest news and media resources
    • my little cousin of 3 years old who is also my morning alarm (for she shouts every morning from her window the names of my sis and I waking us), came to play at my place…
    so this was my Wednesday
    hope you had a great day
    p.s :don’t know why but I like this teen TV serial song

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My visit to the doctor

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