Hello World !
    This Thursday will be my last day at uni (also my last test)…Finally I can say it aloud or scream it: Have done it!!! Have been able to complete the course….
    Most of my friends are relatively relieved as they won’t be any assignment, lectures, exams or presentation pending on them…
    But am sad…
    Am gonna miss those lectures which I always want them to end the moment they start or the hectic way we usually do our presentation but it will be mostly my classmates who am gonna miss the most…
    Know it’s not the end but the beginning at that education does not end at a degree but will I have again such class or classmates?
    Now am looking (or should I say hunting) for a job… after having been jobless for almost a year, can say it is so difficult to find yourself a job these days…so frustrating and stressful…
    So am in the melancholy mood reminding myself all the times not to think about the past and move forward…but kinda hard…
    Did you even ask yourself if you had made the right choice? But then realize it’s kinda too late…but you still keep pondering what gonna be the outcome of this life….
    This is what am up to those days….it is so easy to dwell in your sleep and dream rather than wake up and face life and its reality…dreams are so comforting and better (.Note to myself: to stay away from those happy-ending books or movies….)…
    I think it is easier to believe in lies and illusion which are more subtle and seductive than the truth…
    So am stuck in this impasse….

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