The swearing world

    Hello World!

    While doing some research on the web came across this website on my favorites links:

    That remind me of my ex work colleagues… there was a trainee from Amsterdam which was in internship for 4 months and guess what he wanted to learn first … our Creole swear words …when I heard him one day swearing well I just could not kept laughing ….


    For many days, we kept joking about that, we even printed it and one of them said it was his bible and that we should email it to clients LOL

    Just to sum swear is human and think that whenever we are the biggest CEO am sure everyone does swear daily....

    I find it intriguing that swearing words are forming part of our daily conversation... from the pop songs to cartoons we are surrounded with swears words....


    So what the big deal if we swear...

    Am not implying that we need to have a swear generation but its a kinda inevitable that even we don’t teach our kids to swear, the environment itself is not swear proof...


    So keep swearing but moderately


    For the Twilight fans:
    • The second trailer for Eclipse
    • Some Sneak Peak Eclipse scenes

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The swearing world

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