When Uni days are over

    Hello World!

    When Uni days are over, we are left with some many memories….


    Last Friday at this very moment I would have been stressed as it was my last paper (finally)….

    To immortalize this moment, I have taken a snap of my classmates (yeah we manage to smile even it was 8minutes before we were having exams)


    After that, no lecture, presentation or exams….thought it was gonna be great (been waiting for this day since I enrolled) but now am missing so much of this side of Uni life….

    My friend sent me a sms this morning and got the idea of writing this post cos we both are feeling the same thing …. We are missing ourselves, our laughter, nos petites mimique, the small girly gossips and secrets, nos dialogues bien de chez nous that only us could understand…around the famous tree near the Cafeteria….


    Think the best time when we had the film assignment… we had to write the story boards, the dialogue, do the shooting, do the editing….but it was our small moment of fame and glory…beaucoup d’emotion forte, beaucoup de fous rires avec les best of et la phrase mythique :et les dossiers?


    I know we can meet, there is facebook, sms, email, phone but it won’t be the same…..

    Am missing you girls….Ari et tes dialogues qui déchirent grave & Caro avec ses répliques


    I end today on the new song and a fan made clip of Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)



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When Uni days are over

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