World Aids Day

    Hello World!


    Tomorrow will be World Aids Day.



    I won’t be recalling you the high rates of Aids patients per country (and dislike the stereotype image of Aids=Africa) as Aids is everywhere it doesn’t look at your skin color, your social status or your persona it just affects everyone


    So on the Aids World day, let pay a tribute to all those people who are affected by this virus, having courage or some losing it in this long painful fight aids-patient

    where you are somehow blacklisted in society where most people turn their back to you, isolating you or running away when seeing you or afraid of even touching or using the objects of Aids patient.


    As the French would say: c’est le regard des gens qui tue

    Most of us don’t really care cos its not part of our life or affecting our family or relatives and we feel somewhat safe in our little bubble but Aids is faceless we don’t really know when, where, in whom the virus is incubating


    Better stand up with them in this fight and give them our moral support and try to reduce the span of HIV patients

       By having protected sex


    Mutual trust and fidelity towards both partners

    Using clean syringe


    Be honest to your partner if you have Aids (there was a guy who cheated on his fiancée and discovered he had Aids afterwards but he is going to hide this from her fiancée and go ahead with the marriage and due to confidentiality statement, my friend could not inform his fiancée)


    Today, we are having better treatment but hopefully one day someone will discover a Vaccine






    On this 1 December, let us light the Aids candle for all these people…


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World Aids Day

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