Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    Even here we don’t celebrate it and have little knowledge of this festival, from what I have read and seen on TV, I know that Thanksgiving has a lot of symbolism especially in the US.

    Originally, this was a harvest festival that the colony held out to thank God for helping them faced the harsh winter.


    Today, I believed that Thanksgiving Day is a family gathering day where people find time in their so busy life schedule to grant their family, friends and relatives some of their time and themselves for a day or few days. Think that’s what wonderful in this festival the fact that it brings people together, joy, happiness and the sense of sharing.


    The traditional homemade Thanksgiving menu often features turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. (Wish I was invited in such a meal LOL)


    which the women usually would be preparing

    3 wo cooking 5

    while the men would be watching an American football match on TV (if am not mistaken LOL)


    Hope one day will celebrate Thanksgiving .

    Enjoy yourself and have a nice Thanksgiving feast (which am sure will be very good LOL lucky you)



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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

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