My life In Ruins

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    Well today, I watch My life in Ruins / Vacances a la Grecque, a movie I bought since some times but always busy to watch it...

    So today, took a break and watch it

    The movie had been officially released in June 2009 and the first time I watched its trailer had wanted to watch the movie cos it appeared very funny and it was shooted in Greece LOL

    Starring: Nia Vardalos, Richard Dreyfuss, Harland Williams, Rachel Dratch, Caroline Goodall

    Directed by: Donald Petrie

    Produced by: Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Rita Wilson

    My Life in Ruins is about Georgia, a single Greek woman who is a bit ‘coincée’, too serious about life well lacking the Greek ‘kefi’. After she lost her job as a history professor, she found herself a tourist guide job while she found a new job.


    As a guide, she is not terrific, her boss is very displeased and don’t know what to do with her. Being specialised in history, she is always giving some sort of Greek Mythology or history lectures rather than a ‘real’ trip to enjoy and have some fun... well those words are not in the vocabulary of Georgia who is very annoyed and displeased at the poor culture knowledge of those tourists who prefer the beaches to the glorying architecture and history heritage of Greece.

    My Life in Ruins

    Always having poor evaluation, Nico her colleague decided to worsen things for her so that she quit and in return he will receive an increase in his salary.


    Having a very unusual and funny group including a driver who appeared to be a criminal instead of a driver, this tour will be the life time journey of Georgia changing her destiny forever...



    I really enjoyed watching My life in ruins from the start to the end having a real good time and laughing moment. The script kinda very Greek dusted with a pleasant humorous touch complemented with the breathtaking Greek panorama and enchanting history.


    The film is also about the life of a tourist guide which I think is not an easy job and being a comedy genre, it ends on a happy ending with Georgia having her ‘kefi’ at last...

    If you love Greece, comedy, happy-ending movie, romance...well my Life in Ruins is an all in one ready-made package for you LOL

    It’s also a remarkable marketing and promotion strategy as Greece for a fabulous tourist destination

    My last words: you gonna fall in love with Greece and wish to travel, visit and experience the same journey of Georgia group...



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