The Proposal


    Hello World!

    Being still in the comedy mood, I watched today the movie The Proposal / La Proposition



    Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Denis O'Hare, Malin Akerman, Mary Steenburgen

    The Proposal movie is about Margaret (Sandra Bullock) the cosmopolitan career woman with the snobbish city girl attitude roaming with her Gucci bag and high pump everywhere. Being the most well-known chief editor in the city, she is also a nasty boss despised and feared by everyone in the office being nicknamed as the ‘witch’.

    So when she is threatened to be deported as she has no green card, a Machiavellian idea crawled up her mind and blackmailed her ‘poor’ assistant Andrew into marrying her. Andrew being damn afraid of her boss could not object and both went to the migration centre for the paper procedure and there they met a vicious migration officer who warned them to call off this ridiculous façade and giving them a three day ultimatum to pass some sort of test to see if they are a ‘real’ couple.


    Both of them flew to Alaska (Andrew’s hometown’ for a weekend and there many surprises await Margareth promising the lifetime weekend of her life….


    My views:

    I like Sandra Bullock and like more in this role…she is a wonderful actress very comfortable in this role and with her co-partner…

    Funny to see the reaction of people in the office when the boss entered the room (kinda remind me of some old memories LOL) and more amusing to notice the modern office gossip channel of the IM in action LOL

    Very nice office outfits, I just like her wardrobe selection in this movie especially the high pump in the rocking street of Siska in Alaska (not to miss this fashion faux pas LOL)

    Well the funny way the table turn when the boss no more can order around LOL…the taming of the shrew boss LOL


    A nice script… you gonna enjoy the verbal exchange between Margaret and Andrew and how love grows between them and also the not to miss at all the ‘male stripper’ scene


    You will fall in love with the beautiful Siska setting with its lake and fauna….

    If you love romance(remind me of mills and boons book LOL), happy ending movie, The Proposition is made for you…. 

    So to all comedy movies fans, a not to miss film on your movie list


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The Proposal

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