Revision the good and bad pal of some weeks

    Hello World!

    sapna rev

    While reading Morinn post , I realise  that its high time for me to start my revision as in 2 weeks i.e on 10 December, have exams...

    Don’t know about you but when it comes to revision, am always lazy LOL

    Always when have managed to this very will to go and revise then something more pleasant will tempt me like a nice movie on TV


    or my sis will come in my room and will start talking like a parrot and my very bad lazy nature...


    How I usually revise:

    Mostly at night stopping at 23.30 as revision will put me KO really can’t sleep for some time and then wake up at 2 or 3am to revise (really need to sleep)


    In the morning there is always the TV or my virtual pet on FB temptation; so revise for a very very few moments LOL (am a hopeless case i know: p)


    Here are some tips on how to revise some teachers gave me and my class:

    Chemistry teacher - Make a planning and a timetable on all subjects you have to revise


    Chemistry teacher As you study, jot the main ideas (in your own words) on some paper this help you in reminding key words and things


    Psychology lecturer – always take a pause of 5-10 mins as you just can’t keep revising and over absorbing things


    Picture what you are learning nonstop as a dense traffic where all will be jammed and will be waiting for their turn to be absorbed (now if you are a geek or a genius: p)


    The pause will help for allowing fluidity in your brain for better assimilation


    My advice: your mind should not be restless and preoccupied thinking of other things


    Adopt the zen attitude (i usually listen to ambient music like Enya )


    this helps me to calm down and tranquilize my mind and self or do something that usually help you to relax (some like to study while watching TV or listening to music)


    That’s some few tips I got....hope they will kinda help you...

    To all those who have exams and are going through revision: all the best


    sapna rev2

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Revision the good and bad pal of some weeks

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