Hello World!

    On Sunday, my cousin got married....


    So let me start at the beginning....

    Early morning my sister woke up early (very rare on a Sunday) to go to the hair stylist...the marriage was scheduled at 13.30....


    So after the ritual blabla of getting ready) we finally left home at 12.30

    Like usual there was a dense traffic on the road so begin the time of road rage where every driver was on the nerves


    horning like some mad people some swearing or starting to lose control when seeing some stupid drivers having obstruct the passage with their vehicle causing more traffic...


    Well after 20 minutes we finally were able to move forward....

    We arrive there around 13.25 and the bride was already there and not the bridegroom....

    So after some times, the bridegroom arrived and the ceremony started...

    It began with an abrupt start...

    After some minutes, the priest seems quite lost going through his little notepad many times


    and taking a pause of 5—10 minutes each times and everybody in the hall was kinda lost as the priest....

    I find it funny LOL especially when the priest present the mic in front of my cousin to repeat and when he is about to talk he just snatched it away LOL


    and I nearly dozed off there just sitting there (I forgot my mobile home) and was feeling hungry, thirsty


    And then my little cousin of 3 yrs old came to sit on my knees saying aloud that I had stolen her cake LOL...

    And suddenly the wedding ended and no one even knows and was glancing at each other wondering when it ended...

    But the bride and bridegroom were really beautiful and so happy :- ) think that’s what matter


    So that was my Sunday at my cousin wedding....

    Today I went to the wedding reception; it was held in some kind of like yesterday, there was again the  ritual blabla of getting ready at 17.00 everyone was ready and headed to the party...


    Yesterday the bride was dressed in the Indian way


    but today surprise surprise she wears the traditional white bride dress and was looking very pretty


    The place was great nice view and nature surrounding you (unfortunately didn’t bring my mob or camera) and the food was also great....

    I really had a nice time from Friday to today :-p

    My dream marriage:

    well always wanted it to be held on a cliff


    with a built-in tent


    With torch all the way long


    With very few guests all dressed in white

    I, wearing a long white dress with flowers in my hair

    And my future hubby also in white

    And then partying afterwards on the beach around a bonfire

    Anyway its will be in 6 years that gonna marry so better return back to reality :-p



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